Rule Change Bans Trans Golfer from Women’s Tour

Rule Change Bans Trans Golfer from Women’s Tour

Trans golfer Hailey Davidson

Hailey Davidson, a transgender golfer, won the NXXT Women’s Pro Tour in Florida in January. He hoped to use the win as a stepping stone to becoming the first transgender woman to earn an LPGA Tour card.

Fox Sports reports, “The LPGA Tour removed its “female at birth” requirement in 2010. Davidson began hormone therapy treatments in 2015 and underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2021, Golfweek reported in May 2021. According to the outlet, Davidson last competed as a male at U.S. Open local qualifying in 2015 at Admiral’s Cove in Jupiter, Florida.”

But now, the women’s golf league is closing the door on Davidson’s attempts to use NXXT to qualify for an LPGA Tour card.

NXXT announced Friday, International Women’s Day,  that effective immediately competitors must be a biological female at birth to participate.

Golfweek reports:

NXXT Golf announced on Friday that, effective immediately, competitors must be a biological female at birth to participate. A statement from the tour notes that it underscores the organization’s commitment to “maintaining the integrity of women’s professional golf and ensuring fair competition.” The news comes on International Women’s Day.

“As we navigate through the evolving landscape of sports, it is crucial to uphold the competitive integrity that is the cornerstone of women’s sports,” said NXXT Golf CEO Stuart McKinnon in a statement.

“Our revised policy is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to celebrating and protecting the achievements and opportunities of female athletes. Protected categories are a fundamental aspect of sports at all levels, and it is essential for our Tour to uphold these categories for biological females, ensuring a level playing field.”

Golfweek adds that, after Davidson’s January win, the tour conducted an anonymous poll to offer players input into the tour’s gender policy, although the poll’s results have not been released.  

Davidson complained about the ruling on Instagram Stories, per Fox News, saying, “Effective immediately, I have been removed (banned) from the next 3 NXXT tournaments that I already signed up for and been approved to play.”

“They changed their policy mid season, after me signing up already and being 2nd in Player of the Year race,” he wrote.

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