Former Border Agent: “Special Interest Aliens” with Palestinian Terror Links are Entering US, Attack to Follow

Former Border Agent: “Special Interest Aliens” with Palestinian Terror Links are Entering US, Attack to Follow

October 20, 2023 • by J.J. Carrell

The unprecedented number of Special Interest Aliens (SIAs), terrorists, and soldiers allowed to walk into America should terrify every U.S. citizen as the world is diving headfirst into war. 

Palestine’s deadly terror attack on Israel and the current war between both nations has struck an unusual nerve in America. Americans watched in horror as scenes of death and destruction in Israel were broadcasted across all forms of media. Almost as if a light switch was turned on, Americans began to match the faces of the Hamas terrorists with the endless faces of single adult military-aged men from hostile and terrorist nations from across the globe trying to cross into America.

Americans saw their nation’s future of pain, suffering, and death in the bloody scenes from Israel.

The number of SIAs, individuals from terrorist nations that have some level of involvement or connection to terrorist nations or organizations, that have been arrested illegally crossing the southern border the last two fiscal years is staggering: Roughly a little over 105,000. Understand that this number of 105,000 arrested SIAs only accounts for the individuals that were detected and arrested. At any given time, 80 percent of the southern border is unmanned and unprotected. Imagine the true number of SIAs that have crossed into our nation undetected and absconded.

After spending 24 years in the United States Border Patrol, I understand and have come to expect the segmented way the federal government publishes data in order to conceal the truth. The reporting of SIAs is no different and the government’s intentional segmentation of the data is telling. Last week, Bill Melugin from Fox News reported Customs and Border Protection (CBP) SIA arrest data for the past two years from October 2021 to October 2023 was 72,823. As horrible as those numbers are, it is a lie. These arrests were counted only from Border Patrol arrests on the southern border. This report from CBP excluded all arrests from the ports of entry and arrests from the northern border. 

The actual number of arrested SIAs for the fiscal year 2023, accounting for the months of October 2022 to August 2023, is 74,904! The unofficial number of SIA arrested for the month of September, which ends the fiscal year 2023, was over 8,000!

Why would the government segment and thus hide the truth about SIAs entering our nation? The blunt answer is the government is trying to conceal the danger America is facing.  Officials with DHS’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis stated in the “Homeland Threat Assessment” report late last month that they, “expect continued high numbers of migrant encounters over the next year. Terrorists and criminal actors may exploit the elevated flow and increasingly complex security environment to enter the United States.” This “elevated flow” of illegal aliens has spiked to over 11,000 arrests a day with that number expected to climb to over 15,000 shortly.

News publications across the media spectrum are reporting on the surge of SIAs entering our open borders. A recent report from investigative reporter Ali Bradley from News Nation reported fourteen Syrian nationals were arrested in Rio Grande Valley, Texas in three days and two nationals from Lebanon were arrested in Eagle Pass, Texas on October 13th of last week. Again, this is just the tip of the iceberg of SIAs pouring into America. For example, both Rio Grande Valley and Eagle Pass are now the epicenter for illegal alien crossings and my sources tell me that almost ALL Border Patrol law enforcement patrols have ended, and those manpower resources have been reallocated to processing, housing, and transportation of illegal aliens in custody. The number of SIAs that will cross this section of the border undetected and abscond will increase tenfold.

America has allowed the enemy inside her walls. Unbelievably, this situation is about to accelerate to an unthinkable level of danger as Democrat members of Congress are beginning to discuss giving refugee status to a million residents of Gaza. Republicans are pushing back but they are all talk as they always fold under any pressure. 

This Gaza refugee proposal will be an unmitigated disaster and our government knows this. However, I can guarantee that discussions on providing asylum to Palestinians are being held right now and plans on how to execute this treason are being laid out for tabletop exercises.

What will this refugee debacle look like? Well, we do not have to guess because we did this back in August of 2021 when we left Afghanistan and allowed terrorists to murder our soldiers. We took in over 82,000 Afghanistan refugees. Even more shocking, all 82,000 Afghans were NEVER formally interviewed or vetted! As I wrote in my book, Invaded, these Afghans repaid our kindness and generosity to the tune of over 270 million dollars of damage to our military bases where we housed these ungrateful individuals.

Our borders are wide open with no law enforcement strategy to stop it. The world is in a global reset utilizing illegal immigration as the vehicle to reset the global populations across the western nations.

I echo Lora Ries, director of the Border Security and Immigration Center at The Heritage Foundation when asked if the terrorist attack on Israel is a warning of coming disaster to America because of our open borders. Ries flatly stated, “Absolutely”.

Below are some images from my time as a United States Border Patrol Agent.
Here we were waiting for some action.
This was my ATV Unit. Tijuana Bull Ring is in the background.
Watching the day turn to night. The game begins.
Here we are discussing assignments on the most southwestern point of the United States.
This is my first specialty unit as a Supervisory Border Patrol Agent.
This is me as a young Supervisor in the Patrol.
Here I am standing in front of the Trump Wall.

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