Song: “Last Goodbye” by Eric Kinny (feat. Danica Dora) Cartoon: Betty Boop Snow White (1933)

0:25 image Beijing, Commentary of Tianmen Square protests in 1989 (could not find original source)

0:29 Berlin (synagogue at left, Alexanderturm straight ahead) “Tear down this wall!”, Ronald Reagan on June 12th 1987 in Berlin at the Brandenburger Tor

0:38 USSR weighted chess pieces from the 1950s

0:41 generic pine forest in northern hemisphere (maybe Brandenburg/Germany?)

0:48 Ghost Army insignia

0:56 Berlin subway

1:00 city in USA (probably New York City with those water towers on the roofs)

1:04 Louisiana (actually, no idea)

1:09 military parade in Beijing, October 1st 2019

1:15 probably Parade in USSR

1:18 Times Square news ticker with CGI 2022 headlines (reflections do not match)

1:37 Ferguson 3210 reel tape recorder

1:38 The Big Picture Episode 206 – Truth is our defense (voice Carl Zimmerman)

1:49 BOLEX 18-5 L Super projector

1:52 colors of Russian flag?

1:58 Electro Voice 635 microphone

1:59 very fake evensdropping studio with vitange equipment and modern 27″ monitor

2:02 oil/acrylic color? Too thick paint for asian calligraphy, also western style brush

2:04 most probably reference to operation Mincemeat at the Spanish coast

2:10 Dome of Rock (Jordan) on photo in background

2:39 Berlin subway, station “Stadtmitte” at 6.46 (probably a.m.)

2:54 riotpolice Euromaidan Ukraine 2014 (Alpha Bank in background)

3:00 Place de la Kasbah, Tunis December 2010/January 2011

3:02 Berlin wall November 1989

3:03 task force La Fayette leaflet drop Kapisa province Afghanistan 2010

3:05 protesters Hong Kong 2019/2020

3:06 riot police in Hong Kong in front of Legislative Council in 2019

3:09 Euromaidan Ukraine 2014

3:13 Ghost Army tipping over inflatable tank in WWII

3:14 Tian’anmen square June 4th, 1989

3:16 see 3:203:19 Berlin wall November 1989 in front of Brandenburger Tor

3:20 Firdos Square, Bagdad, Iraq, toppling of Saddam statue on April 9th, 2003

3:21 capture of Ghaddafi on October 20th, 2011 Updated with hints from comments by @Okitsu Ichiro , @Suzanne Llewellyn , @Jonathan Szeto , @Preston Coolidge

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